Claim Payment and Remittance

Electronic Solutions for an Efficient Office

BCBSMT providers who receive paper checks and Provider Claim Summaries (PCSs) via the U.S. Mail may wish to consider the electronic alternatives listed below for greater efficiency, convenience and security of information.

Advantages of enrolling for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic Payment Summary (EPS):

  • No more lost or stolen checks
  • Quicker access to your funds
  • Increased security of information
  • Less time spent on claims tracking
  • Expedited patient account reconciliation
  • Easier retrieval of archived data

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT is a direct deposit of your claim payment from BCBSMT to your designated bank account.

  • To enroll online for EFT, you must be a registered Availity® Provider Portal user – there is no cost to register at
  • Refer to the Availity EFT tip sheet PDF Document for details

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

The ERA or ANSI 835 transaction is a HIPAA-compliant method of receiving claim payment and remittance details. The ERA can be automatically posted to your patient accounting system. You should also check with your billing service, clearing house or software vendor to confirm ERA-compatibility and availability of auto-posting software.

Out-of-state providers notification: You should specifically contact your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Plan for 835 ERA enrollment. If an existing enrollment is already on file with the local BCBS Plan, then ERA files for services provided to BCBSMT members will be transmitted electronically to you under the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association's BlueCard® program. Providers requesting to receive ERAs for Medicare Secondary Crossover claims should also make that request with their local BCBS Plan. For ERA enrollment instructions and/or other inquiries regarding ERA processing, please contact your local BCBS plan.

Electronic Payment Summary (EPS)*

*Available for commercial claims only
When you enroll for the ERA,you are automatically enrolled for the EPS, which is an electronic version of the paper PCS.

  • The EPS arrives faster than the PCS and is easier to archive for future retrieval
  • You must enroll for the ERA in order to receive the EPS.

Have additional E-Commerce questions?

  • Email Electronic Commerce Services
  • Visit the Training page in the Education and Reference Center of our Provider website for dates and times of upcoming Remittance Viewer webinars.

Compensation for Services, Fee Schedules

How much will I be compensated for my services?

All Compensation Policies and Fee Schedules are available on our website when you Register for Provider Online Services Learn more about third-party links. For clarifications and questions, contact or call 406-437-6100.

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